We work with young people, their family and friends, professionals, and society in general to help everyone recognize their own resources to change the current mental health situation.

We aim to empower young people and raise their awareness of their own capacities to deal with risk factors and early signs of emotional and behavioural problems that could lead to mental disorders. We do this because +450 million people are suffering from mental ill health, there is a large gap between what is needed and what is available and because young adults are the most at risk. 

Our goals:

  • To enhance and develop emotional resilience strategies among young people.
  • To build capacities for early identification of risk behaviours for mental disorders.
  • Strengthen the resources available to young adults to handle and overcome vulnerable situations.
Key partners: 
From our beginnings we have partnered with organizations that share our vision of a future with stronger youth and healthier communities. Here are some of them: http://www.resilie.org/en/whoweare.html.