At (pronounced ‘remedy’), we aim to create a unique, comprehensive solution for the mental health industry’s most pressing inefficiencies.

By building a proprietary system that determines the relative compatibility of each available treatment and provider for a consumer’s needs, identifies and recommends the best treatment plan. More importantly, by housing this system within an online market that enables consumers to understand all of their options, and then strategically navigate and select their treatment, presents a revolutionary focus on treatment compatibility, quality, and satisfaction.

In doing so, we are building a mental health technology that optimizes the industry, profoundly improving patient satisfaction, improving treatment effectiveness, strengthening long-term resilience, and decreasing overall treatment failure. We leverage the value of all stakeholders in the industry, including insurers, hospitals, providers, and care consumers, thereby building a profitable business model around a civic mission of making every person’s peace of mind more affordable, more accessible, and more expedient.

Stated another way, is a computational system for treatment personalization. We believe it’s the future of mental healthcare.

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