ROW Foundation works to improve the quality of training for healthcare providers, and the diagnosis and treatment available to people with epilepsy and associated psychiatric disorders in under-resourced areas of the world. We partner with in-country organizations to maximize impact in under-served areas, both domestically and internationally. We envision a future when the best treatments will be available to all people, at all times, in all the world.

At least sixty-five million people live with epilepsy worldwide. Eighty-percent of these live in low- and middle-income countries where treatment gaps are over 75% (in sub-Saharan Africa, treatment gaps can exceed 90%). Lack of specialists for diagnosis, poor availability of diagnostic equipment and low access to anti-epileptic drugs are barriers to successful treatment of the disorder. Individuals, families, and communities are affected by severe social stigma, loss of education, employment discrimination, loss of income, and sometimes violence and death. Yet this condition can be successfully treated with medication around 70% of the time. Epilepsy is often comorbid with psychiatric conditions such as depression and anxiety.

Summary of relevant work: 

Our approach to addressing untreated epilepsy is to fund training programs for healthcare providers (physicians, nurses, neurodiagnostic technicians, and community health workers), provide diagnostic (EEG) equipment, and make grants of psychiatric and anti-seizure medications (clinical settings and research). We are also interested in innovative ways to solve problems through community health worker teams, telemedicine and research.

We're happy to begin a conversation with organizations and individuals who share our mission to reduce treatment gaps for epilepsy and psychiatric disorders in under-resourced areas of the world. And while we are a funder of epilepsy programs, we also seek the support of larger funders for new programs to accelerate our ability to meet the diagnosis and treatment needs of the millions of people with untreated epilepsy in under-resourced areas.

Since 2015, ROW Foundation has facilitated grants of EEG equipment to hospitals in Armenia, Ghana, India, Kenya, Republic of Georgia, Sudan, Suriname and Uganda for the diagnosis of epilepsy and has supported training programs for healthcare providers in Africa. We grant ongoing supplies of Roweepra® (levetiracetam) and Subvenite® (lamotrigine) to partners in 20 countries, as well as emergency humanitarian medication aid to Venezuela, Palestine, Syria, and global partners Americares and Direct Relief.


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Key partners: 
  • Americares
  • Arabkir United Children's Charity Foundation (Armenia)
  • Armenia Artsakh Fund
  • Armenian American Pharmacists' Association
  • Armenian League Against Epilepsy
  • ASLEK Epilepsy Foundation (Dem. Rep. Congo)
  • Boston Children's Hospital (Global Health Program - Zambia)
  • Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Services
  • Clinique d'Epilepsie de Port-au-Prince | CLIDEP (Haiti)
  • Cuatro por Venezuela
  • CURE International Children's Hospital Uganda
  • Dalhousie University (Zambia)
  • Direct Relief
  • Dr. Mamta Bhushan Singh (India)
  • Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital (The Gambia)
  • Epilepsy Association of Zambia
  • Epilepsy Awareness Uganda
  • Epilepsy Foundation of Guyana
  • Epilepsy Medicare Foundation (Pakistan)
  • Foundation for People with Epilepsy (Kenya)
  • Georgian League Against Epilepsy
  • Global Organization for Health Education
  • Guiding Light Orphans (Uganda)
  • Healey International Relief Foundation (Sierra Leone)
  • Hôpital Provincial Général de Reférence de Bukavu (Dem. Rep. Congo)
  • International League Against Epilepsy
  • Kifafa Care & Support Child Project (Kenya)
  • Kiserem Epilepsy Foundation (Kenya)
  • La Maison Santé Globale (Haiti)
  • Loma Linda University (Global Health Institute - Malawi)
  • Massachusetts General Hospital (Global Neurology Research Group - Guinea)
  • Medical Assistance Sierra Leone
  • Pretola Global Health & Consulting
  • Provision Charitable Foundation (Tanzania)
  • Purple Bench Initiative Uganda
  • Rachael K Foundation
  • Santokba Durlabhji Hospital (India)
  • Save Haven Community Services /Center for Epilepsy and Neurological Disorders Liberia
  • Solidarity Bridge/Puente de Solidaridad (Bolivia)
  • Syrian American Medical Association
  • TeleEEG
  • University of Ghana Medical School
  • University Teaching Hospital (Zambia)
  • Venezuelan League Against Epilepsy
  • West Atlantic Brain & Stroke Foundation (Nigeria)
  • Yale University (Global Mental Health Program - Nigeria)
Seeking collaboration with: 
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