At TSF we propose a fresh, multifaceted approach - one that focuses on human and environmental concerns. At TSF we vow to adhere to this standard, with a highly professional, competent and passionate team of professionals and a highly experienced board of trustees we know are capable of delivering measurable results. Essentially TSF is created to do one thing, solve problems in the most pragmatic, innovative and efficient ways. We aim to make our interventions and involvement evidence-based and community-driven to facilitate a smooth weaning off the foundation’s projects. 

At TSF we promote sustainable, scalable, community-led progress towards the use of scientifically validated interventions. We ensure ownership of governments, local and community stakeholders. One of our core beliefs is increasing capacity and community empowerment through training and knowledge sharing with local governments and Community Based Organizations (CBOs). Partnering with the public and private sectors, innovative NPOs, universities, leading experts, and the international donor community to continually improve and coordinate development strategies.

TSF works in a variety of strategic areas, such as: Health including Mental Health, Education, Tourism, The Environment & Renewable Resources. The Foundation utilizes innovative and creative methodologies in implementing its projects, such as: Development through Sports, Creative Arts, and Technology. 

Summary of relevant work: 

TSF believes that individuals with mental illness must find appropriate employment, learn self-sufficiency, and re-integrate into society. TSF plans to launch society-wide awareness campaigns whereby educating all individuals about mental health in general. This includes, but not limited to, definitions of mental health, mental disorders, treatment options, resources available, prevention strategies and help-seeking bodies. By doing so, we are contributing to the alleviation of stigma and discrimination towards people living with mental health challenges. 

TSF also plans to work in alliance with those at the front lines, providing training and education for physicians in private clinics and hospitals. As well as initiating dialogue with religious institutions whereby mental health knowledge can be gained and available resources disseminated. 

Our current projects include:

- The Psychologically Healthy Workplace Package (PHWP) which caters to national & international organizations and corporations to improve overall well-being and workplace environment. 

- An Online Mental Health Portal (Multilingual) that is a hub for the MENA region which provides information, tips, resources, and personal stories for individuals with mental illnesses and their families. 

- Working as part of the UN Health Working Group for Syrian Refugees in Egypt, TSF is working on a project that provides Psychosocial interventions for Syrians in Egypt. By combining creative arts, technology, access to educational material and multimedia. 

- Initiative a project in an impoverished area in Cairo using Art as a tool in raising awareness and community cohesion and including those with mental illnesses to be functioning members of society.


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Libraries without Borders (NGO)

Working Environment Foundation (WEF)


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