SRI works in collaboration with the government and other stakeholders. By using evidence based knowledge and skills through employing capable individuals, SRI implements scaled activities to empower parents and teachers to optimally enhance their roles in early child care and education.

Summary of relevant work: 
  • Prepare training manuals for preschool teachers and conduct regular periodic trainings
  • Prepare training manuals to engage parents and conduct regular meetings between teachers and parents
  • Work with government to mainstream appropriate process follow up
  • Provide mental/behavioral health services to 11500 children and their families
  • Support poor mothers to start income-generating activities
  • Educate community to replace corporal punishment with positive discipline
  • Assess children and mothers for mental health problems
  • Conduct research to determine disciplining methods
  • Conduct research to determine stigma on the mentally ill

School Readiness Initiative
​Mulatu Kero Bldng. Nefas silk Lafto KK
​Wereda 6, HNo. 495
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
P.O.Box: 10389

251 114164646 (office)

Innovations and resources

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Introducing School Mental Health in Ethiopia

Production of a training package for parents and teachers and provision of mental health services for referred cases
Children and adolescents
Child behavioural and developmental disorders
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