We are an organization in the psychosocial space of mental wellness within the community.

We in SHB (Saathi Haath Badhana) Social Foundation believe in working through collaborative effort and run various support programs at our Community Center in Aundh and other spaces. We work with community work partners (individuals/institutions) to create a space for well being that nurtures compassion and happinessand helps develop the competencies to cope with social changes. We run our activities with trained volunteers and are publicly funded.

Summary of relevant work: 

SHB Social Foundation, believes in working through collaborative effort and runs various support programmes at our Community Centre in Aundh, Pune, India. We work with community partners (individuals/institutions) to create a space for well-being that nurtures compassion and happiness and helps develop the competencies to cope with social changes. We run our activities purely with trained volunteers and are publicly funded.

SHB Social Foundation works with social community leaders, schools, colleges and corporate organizations to identify the life-skills required to get to the levels of competence that help us engage better. This happens through various means, but primarily through raising awareness, providing support to different community segments, training and designing systems and mechanisms to institutionalize support services.

SHB Social Foundation has multiple community reachout programs (directly or with support from other partners) in 3 areas:

  • Compassion
  • Gender & Sexuality
  • Life-skills. "Listening-Post": Listening Post is a talking space. The simple act of talking is therapeutic. It is a walk-in space to talk about issues bothering anyone. Over 150 individuals have benefited through this program. "Smart-Phone Assistance For Seniors": With mobiles reaching every individual and increased focus on digital literacy, we help Senior Citizens handle Smart-Phones better and feel empowered to communicate with their loved ones, organize their travel, perform banking operations etc. Over 200 senior citizens have benefited through this program over the last 2 years. “Persons with Mental Illnesses(PMILs) support”: SHB offers a one-on-one support for people affected by mental health issues or for their families to be empowered, by a qualified therapist. “Women's Legal Cell": It's a cell to help women in need to seek answers about the various personal laws in our Country (Inheritance, Custody, Maintenance). The program is facilitated by a trained lawyer. “Finance Cell for Women" A space to seek advice regarding your investments, mutual funds, banking mal-practices, shares etc. Facilitated by a renowned finance professional. Mostly recently, SHB has launched a "Senior Citizen Wellness"program. It aims to provide cognitive screening for Parkinson's / Alzheimer's /Stroke etc as well as geriatric palliative care to senior citizens through trained professionals.

SHB Social Foundation, Shop 1,
Siddharth Building,
Gaikwad Nagar,
Pune 411007 India

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