Our mission is to bring hope and healing to individuals who have struggled with their mental and emotional health by leveraging cross-industry partnerships, creating advocacy campaigns and developing in-house resources and training materials. We provide resources to individuals that have been trained in mindfulness-based practices and art-based therapies. We also support and educate teachers and faith-based leaders in the area of mental health. Our learning and participation programmes provide easy-to-access, layman information on mental illness, taking into consideration cultural and faith-based issues faced by African people.
Summary of relevant work: 
Sound Mind Africa (SMA) was founded in 2014 with the purpose of providing access to relevant information in the area of mental health to people in Africa or of African descent via an information website, advocacy campaigns, learning and participatory events. On an annual basis, through cross-industry partnerships, SMA brings awareness to mental illness by highlighting holistic methods for mental health promotion via event-driven campaigns. SMA has partnered with Uber Nigeria to discuss issues around mental health and commuting, a big issue in Lagos. We regularly partner with She Writes Woman initiative to run their monthly Safe Place, a group therapy event for women only. We provide mindfulness and meditation classes and resources, of which 80% are free; while paid events and resources go to support the work we do within the organisation. SMA is currently in partnership with Kairos Krunch - a time-management and productivity organisation and a team of behavioural psychologists to develop resources for managing overwhelming situations. The holistic, data-driven application and teaching resource is based on time and awareness management.

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