Our mission

To foster the development of good mental health in teenagers through enhancing early understanding and awareness in individuals, their families, schools and the community, promoting shared early detection and signposting towards prompt action and intervention.


Raise early awareness and highlight the importance of early intervention in teenage mental health issues – taking steps to help stem problems at an early stage Educate through interactive conferences for schools, digital tools such as the Head Ed programme and through our comprehensive website Encourage debate and shared information through a programme of conferences targeting students, parents/carers, education professionals, school nurses and GPs Provide self-help through our mental health app library, website and booklets

Summary of relevant work: 

Tips & resources for young people, parents, schools and health professionals, including a comprehensive section of COVID-19 resources -> www.stem4.org.uk/resources

A comprehensive website providing evidence-based information for young people, parents, schools and health professionals on topics such as anxiety, depression, self-harm, eating disorders, addiction and resilience -> www.stem4.org.uk

Award-winning free evidence-based apps: Calm Harm: to help young people manage the urge to self-harm www.calmharm.co.uk Clear Fear: to help young people manage the symptoms of anxiety www.clearfear.co.uk Move Mood: to help young people manage low mood and depression www.movemood.co.uk Combined Minds: to help family and friends provide mental health support www.combinedminds.co.uk

Head Ed - a free library of mental health videos for use in school PSHE lessons on topics such as stress, anxiety, depression and resilience. Head Ed Light - a free online educational resource for students to learn about mental health topics independently.

Conferences/webinars for students, parents/carers, teachers and health professionals to provide guidance on teenage mental health issues.

Youth Mental Health Day (YMHD) - 7th September - is an awareness day that encourages understanding and awareness of mental health in young people, enabling them to live happy and healthy lives all year round -> www.youthmentalhealthday.co.uk


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