Summary of relevant work: 

SAPTA is the largest trainer of addiction counselors in Africa with 175 graduates with a diploma in addiction counseling (entry level). SAPTA currently has 3 outreach/outpatient harm reduction programs for nearly 1,500 persons who inject heroin, including 150 women. SAPTA has helped to create two community level alchol/drug/HIV risk reduction interventions: 1) for alcohol risk reduction among female sex workers who were drinking hazardously/harmfully in Mombasa, Kenya. This was part of a randomized controlled study which was reported in JAIDS in December, 2014. SAPTA has created a program called "Steps to Healthy Living," a 12 psycho-educational alcohol/drugs/HIV intervention meant for anyone with an alcohol or drug problem. This was culturally adapted to the Kenyan setting; and could be adapted to other sub-Saharan African countries and other countries that need a community level peer lead substance abuse intervention. 


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Key partners: 

NACADA (Kenya govenment anti-drug agency), NACC and NASCOP (Kenyan government HIV and AIDS organizations), SAMHSA, PEPFAR, Global Fund/Red Cross (Kenya), Mainline (Holland)


Global Fund/Kenya Red Cross, PEPFAR, Mainline

Seeking collaboration with: 
Other organizations
Experts by experience/service users
Policy makers