Our vision is to achieve significant improvements of human health and well-being through a better understanding of disease- and health systems and acting on this knowledge.

Our mandate is to contribute to the improvement of the health of populations internationally, nationally and locally through excellence in research, services and teaching and training.
Act and develop as a learning organization with a knowledge sharing culture and defined processes of internal and external knowledge flows.
Strategy goals
We fulfil our mandate and further develop our institutional profile by the pursuit of 8 strategic goals: 

1.Contribute to the understanding of the disease biology and to develop tools and strategies for diagnostics, prevention and cure
2.Create global leadership in integrated health systems research, strengthening and training
3.Create national and international leadership in the epidemiology and control of communicable and non-communicable diseases in their social, cultural and environmental and systems contexts
4.Provide expertise on healthy societies and equitable access to health
5.Serve as resource centre to provide expertise for national and international agencies
6.Generate and provide pre-travel advice, infection diseases diagnoses (National Reference Laboratory) and post-travel cure to travellers and long-term expatriates 
7.Create and provide excellence as a competence center for eHealth that innovates and applies information and communication technologies
8.Act and develop as a learning organization with a knowledge sharing culture and defined processes of internal and external knowledge flows.

The strategies pursued by Swiss TPH to meet our goals which define our mandate are marked by three key principles: 

(i) The iterative research and development processes for populations and their health, social and environmental systems, working across the health sciences spectrum from molecule to policy and public health action with interdisciplinary approaches to health and well-being 
(ii) Projects/programmes undertaken in partnership that respects equity principles and the global human right for access to health and are undertaken with the spirit of mutual learning for change
(iii) Strategic alliances are formed with centres of excellence at national and international level based on clearly defined roles and responsibilities. 

Our guiding principle is therefore to work in interdisciplinary partnership to respond to local, national and international public health priorities, seeking solutions through needs for innovation (discovery through promotion and testing of hypotheses), validation (evidence providing what works) and application (strengthening individual and public health actions, systems and policies). We generate new evidence, validate it in different health system. 


Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute
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