The Syrian Telemental Health Network aims to deliver high quality and culturally relevant mental health consultations, education, and training to enhance capacity-building efforts for health care workers in the Syrian conflict setting. 

Summary of relevant work: 

This network uses technology to connect health care workers in the Syrian conflict setting with mental health specialists around the world to receive advice and training on providing mental health care.  It is the case that many health care workers in humanitarian settings will manage patients who are under stress, are traumatized or manifest mental illness. Managing those cases in these settings is usually challenging due to limited resources and lack of supervision and training. This network allows health care providers who have no support on the ground to receive high quality training and advice on how to deliver mental health services to Syrian refugees. 

In addition, the network features a lecture series from experts in the field of mental health. The purpose of these lectures will be enriching the clinical aspects of the network -which was limited initially to clinical consultations- with educational materials. 



Seeking collaboration with: 
Other organizations
Syrian Arab Republic
United States of America