Tabish Social Health Education Organization

Tabish Social Health Education Organization

The Organization of TABISH in Afghanistan is a non-governmental, non-political, humanitarian and not for profit organization working in the field of psychosocial health, education and human rights.

Mission statement

TABISH envisions psychosocial welfare to all Afghans, particularly to children and women and envision a country where all Afghan citizens have access to qualitative and comprehensive health, education and social services. TABISH sees this as a fundamental right for every human being, without any discrimination of gender, ethnicity or religion.

TABISH has been established and registered with the Ministry of Economy (Reg # 1466) in 2009 and it has been registered with the Ministry of Public Health of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan (Reg # 228) in 2012.

Summary of relevant work


Providing comprehensive health services and psychosocial counselling services to deprived and vulnerable people, particularly to children and women in Afghanistan through:

  • Establishing and Operating Psychosocial Counseling Centers.
  • Providing Psychosocial First Aids and Trauma healing  Services to Community, particularly to Children and Women in Emergencies.
  • Providing Medical First Aids Services to Vulnerable People.
  • Implementing Comprehensive Health Care Services (Prevention & Treatment) to Drug Users (Men & Women).
  • Stammer Treatment in Professional Methods.

Provision of Training, Awareness and Professional Capacity Development Services on Psychosocial Health, particularly to Women and Youth through:

  • Raising Awareness on HIV/AIDS.
  • Raising Awareness and Counseling to Drug Users and Provision of Comprehensive Package of Harms Reduction for Vulnerable Population like PWUD (People Who Use Drugs).
  • Raising Awareness on Human Rights, Gender, Children Rights and Women Rights in Afghanistan.
  • Raising Awareness on Peace Building in Afghanistan.
  • Training and Raising Awareness on FBV (Family Based Violence) and GBV (Gender Based Violence).
  • Conducting Awareness Seminars to the School Teachers, Rural Communities and Community Counsels.
  • Trainings on Medical First Aids and Providing First Aids Services.
  • Informal Education and Literacy Trainings to Girls and Women who have not Access to Education.
  • Conducting Long-term Trainings to the University Graduates on Psychosocial Support of Children and those who Suffer from Psychosocial Trauma.
  • Conducting Seminars on Reproductive Health for Women Living in IDP Camps.
  • Providing Life Skills and Vocational Trainings to Vulnerable People.
  • Conducting Six-month Professional Psychosocial Trainings (Theoretical and Practical) to Psychosocial Counselors.

Provision of other Humanitarian Services to the Needy People of Afghanistan based on the Needs of Community.

TABISH does not aim to establish temporary psychosocial support centres, but it focuses on developing an effective and vital social health strategy in Afghanistan. This organization also plans to create more learning opportunities for adolescents in order to improve their knowledge and to enhance their understanding of psychosocial health.

Key partners


Seeking collaboration with

Experts by experience/service users
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