• We envision a world where wisdom from elderly women and other underserved communities, is tapped into take on some of the world’s most critical issues, through a response driven community network. 
  • We work directly with elderly women to connect their wisdom to the needs of the network and build the capacity of the network to deliver services to their community. The types of material and support resources designed will be community driven and not prescribed.
  • They harness the power of story telling, mobile technology, one-on-one support and life skills building for both elderly women and the community at large.
Summary of relevant work: 

TEWWY’s 4 Wisdom Markers are tailored to meet the needs of the network and communities which  adapt and apply the markers that best serve their members.

Wisdom and Wellness Counselors

Elderly women and community members are trained to provide social support & mental health support, using life stories, experiences & counseling skills to empower communities through in person wisdom corners or phone based support.

Wisdom/Wellness Corners and Wisdom & Wellness Referral Centers/Hotline

Through leveraging the power of the mobile phone to reach people and share resources, a referral center will connect communities in crisis to wisdom counsellors, wisdom circles and wisdom resources through online and phone based sharing. 

A wisdom corner will be a resource station at an identified health clinic (or other community locale) where an in person wisdom counsellor can connect community members directly to support resources/one-on-one support.

Wisdom & Wellness Circles

Wisdom circles are local in person support group sessions where truth telling/wisdom sharing is celebrated & where community members share life experiences, while gaining life skills.

Wisdom/Wellness Resources & Sharing

Tapping into the power of documenting inter generational and intercultural wisdoms, stories and lessons learned, new social support tools are created and shared between communities.


Sinza, Makaburini

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
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