Tarasha is a field action project of the Centre for Health and Mental Health, School of Social Work of Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai. Our vision is to create a safe, just, non-threatening and non- discriminatory society in which women living with mental health disorders can lead fulfilling and productive lives in an inclusive and non-stigmatising society.

The team has worked to identify asymptomatic women in consultation with the hospital staff and addressed various psychosocial issues affecting women living with mental health disorders within the hospital. We adopt a multidisciplinary lens and integrate biomedical and psychosocial aspects to facilitate recovery and reintegration. The project links up with the existing community resources, including service providers within the hospital, working women’s hostels, vocational training institutes, day care centres and employers. We facilitate vocational training, skill development and job development and support for each of the women we work with. After employment, our team continues to work with the women to offer psychosocial support and counselling services. Tarasha recognises the importance of citizenship rights and entitlements and works to ensure that the clients obtain documents to establish their identity beyond the diagnosis of a mental disorder and aims to shift society from a mindset of exclusion and stigmatisation to inclusion and acceptance, thereby supporting to create safe, non-threatening spaces for women living with mental disorders and influence policy through advocacy and networking.

Tata Institute of Social Sciences
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