The Department was established in 1985 under the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs, offering undergraduate training in social work.

​The social work curriculum at T.E.I. of Athens involves promotion of community health and mental health, as well as a focus on mental processes, problems, and early intervention in pre-natal and peri-natal periods. Their core purposes of the social work profession include protecting people who are not able to protect themselves, including those with mental health conditions.

Summary of relevant work: 

During their four year studies, students go through seven semesters during which they undertake courses by either attending lectures or participating in workshops followed by a 6 month full-time field practical placement where they work with biopsychosocial client issues within public and private organizations.

After successfully completing their studies, students acquire the "Ptyhion in Social Work" (the Bachelor in Social Work) and they are eligible to registering as Certified Social Workers to the Ministry of Health and Social Solidarity.


Thivon 274 street, Egaleo, 12241,
Athens, Greece

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