Thousand Thoughts is a social project initiated and managed by Enlightened Souls Foundation, a Non-Profit Organization (Section 8 company) registered under The Companies Act, 2013. It aims at empowering and educating people to achieve the goal of sustainability, which in turn requires fundamental changes to human attitudes and behavior.

We believe in prioritizing the need of education and public awareness by means of mass gathering and educational conferences. We also provide inspirational seminars, and other services, to people, including but not limited to, mental health workshops and meditation which facilitates spiritual growth and worldwide healing.

Enlightened Souls Foundation works towards the goal of sustainability, with an approach to eliminate negative beliefs and help an individual realize his greatest potential, using the tools and techniques proved to produce harmonious results for humankind and mother earth. Work is in 4 major areas:

  • Education (Learning for All)
  • Synchronized Meditation for Peace
  • Mental Health
  • Environment
Summary of relevant work: 

Enlightened Souls Foundation has succeeded in organizing self-healing programs at a global level for all sections of society.

Working for social initiatives, we have fruitfully succeeded in assisting global wellness through projects like Synchronized Global Meditation for World Peace, Synchronized Healing Meditation for Nepal, Plant a Hope -The Earth Day Event, Know Thyself- Rejuvenating Mind, Body and Soul, Co-Exist Meditation 2017- Global Event for World Peace, 7 Days of Rest Global Event for the recalibration of Mother Earth–2018, The Mindful Brain 2018 –Healing Through Subconscious Awakening, RAAGA –Musical Healing Event, SAADHNA –A Yogic Rejuvenation, Walk in Motion - A donation campaign for construction labourers targeting Delhi/NCR, Walk Together with a Motive - A PAN India donation drive organized on Durga Puja, Hrishikesh - A walk through Divinity (3 Day soul rejuvenation festival). We recently have started our flagship series of workshops on “Face Your Fear” to empower people and help them overcome any kind of fear they might have.


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1321, Hemkunt Chambers 89, Nehru Place. New Delhi 110019New Delhi 110019

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