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Trusts Motion

Trusts Motion exist to make mental health services accessible to everyone regardless of their financial state and to promote mental health education and awareness in Botswana and beyond to end the stigma surrounding mental health.

Mission statement

At Trusts Motion recognize that mental illness doesn't discriminate, and neither do we. One in four people are affected by mental health problems during their lifetime, and putting mental health first is not a luxury, it is a must. We are particularly motivated by those who are forgotten, alone, or feel excluded from, or unable to access help, and we believe that with the right support, everyone can take control and make the future their own.

Our services focus on education, resources, and community building to create a safe and supportive environment for those seeking help. We believe in breaking down stigmas surrounding mental health, empowering individuals to take control of their mental well-being, and fostering recovery, so that everyone can have a good quality of life with or without the symptoms of mental illness.

Our approach is innovative, with a focus on utilizing technology to make counseling services more accessible and convenient for people. We also prioritize early intervention and prevention by working with schools and other organizations to promote mental health education and awareness.

Our staff are uniquely placed to offer empathy and encouragement because many of them have used mental health services in the past. We are proud that many of our frontline staff are employed specifically to share their mental health experiences with others. Our peer approach to support work is pioneering and increasingly becoming the norm for other organizations worldwide.

Through every contact, we aim to inspire hope and deliver change for everybody and every community we work with. By learning and reflecting on what we do and on how we can improve, we are constantly innovating and piloting new ideas, all focused on achieving better outcomes for people.

At Trusts Motion, we value believing in hope and courage, succeeding together, building trust, celebrating diversity, and learning and growing. We are at our best when we work together - staff, service users, service provider’s, and partners - making the most of each other's talents and strengths.

We want to be good partners to deliver the best outcomes for people: a strong partnership between the person and Trust Motion, and a collaborative strong partnership between agencies. We want to be the mental health and complex needs partner of choice with Ministries, social care, psychologists, therapists, and counseling providers.

The Foundation provides opportunities for volunteers, offering long- and short-term placements, where volunteers, usually working part-time, undertake a range of activities commensurate with their experience and skills and receive useful feedback from people using our services, our stakeholders, and staff

Summary of relevant work

Our work focuses on providing evidence-based, person-centered mental health support to individuals from diverse backgrounds, including those who may be marginalized or excluded from traditional mental health services. We offer a range of services that are tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual, including support groups, counseling, therapy, and skills-building workshops.

We are committed to working collaboratively with a range of partners, including government agencies, healthcare providers, and community organizations, to ensure that individuals receive the support they need to thrive. We actively seek out opportunities to partner with others in the mental health field to share knowledge, resources, and best practices.

Trusts Motion has developed a number of innovative programs and initiatives that have had a positive impact on the mental health of individuals in the communities we serve. For example, our peer support program, which is staffed by individuals who have personally experienced mental health challenges, has been shown to be highly effective in providing empathy, encouragement, and practical support to those in need.

We have also been successful in developing and implementing community-based interventions that address the root causes of mental health challenges. For example, our social prescribing program helps individuals connect with community resources and activities that promote mental and physical health. Our work in this area has been recognized by a number of national and international organizations, including the Company Wellness Solutions.

Overall, our work at Trusts Motion is focused on building resilient, supportive communities where individuals have the tools and resources they need to maintain good mental health and well-being. We are committed to advancing the field of mental health through ongoing research, advocacy, and community engagement, and we look forward to continuing to make a positive impact in the lives of individuals and communities across the globe.


Seeking collaboration with

Experts by experience/service users
Other organizations
Policy makers


Empowerment and service user involvement
Policy and legislation
Prevention and promotion
Task sharing
Training, education and capacity building
Treatment, care and rehabilitation
Alcohol/drug use disorders
Child behavioural and developmental disorders
Depression/anxiety/stress-related disorders
Children and adolescents
Communicable diseases (e.g. HIV/AIDS, TB)
Minority populations
Non-communicable diseases (e.g. cancer, diabetes, stroke)
Older adults



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