Our vision is to foster national and international development of culturally sensitive mental health care in the United Kingdom and Uganda by:

  • Building the capabilities, capacity, skills and leadership of mental health workers and other health staff through training and development
  • Increasing the involvement of users and carers in the development of health services in both United Kingdom and Uganda
Summary of relevant work: 

About UDHF

​How we started

The Uganda Diaspora Health Foundation (UDHF) was established in 2011 to bring together the expertise of UK based Ugandan health professionals. Ongoing involvement and leadership in joint projects with East London NHS Trust-Butabika Link helped to form the initial framework and work plan for UDHF.

UDHF is currently broadening its involvement with other health partnerships aiming to reduce health care inequalities, in communities in the UK and Uganda. The group is also actively seeking to enlist UK based and Ugandan members with the skills and expertise that reflect current health concerns and priorities in Uganda and the UK. Additionally, we are planning to engage in partnership work with civic health organisations in the UK and Uganda.

​Who we are

Our current membership consists of UK based Ugandans with the following skills and experiences:

  • Individuals living with physical/mental health disabilities
  • Health professionals ranging from nurses, midwives, psychology graduates, occupational therapists, medical engineers, medical students and recovery support workers
  • Other members experienced in the private sector with expertise in accountancy, law, IT and business management

What we do

UDHF offers global research and cultural sensitivity consultation within the mental health context, with the view to break barriers.
Other activities of the Foundation include:

  • Implementation of agreed mental health programmes
  • Advise on short and longer term priorities
  • Promoting mental health research
  • Awareness of mental health issues and promote social inclusion
  • Integrated approach to mental and physical health

Uganda Diaspora Health Foundation
Butabika link - East London NHS Foundation Trust
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United Kingdom

Seeking collaboration with: 
Other organizations
Experts by experience/service users
Policy makers