Our mission is to promote, provide training, conduct research and focus on provision of care in the field of mental health and psychology. This goal is based on the vision of a world where all have access to high quality care and mental health care practice. We want to:

  • create and promote better mental health
  • contribute to training and research
  • develop and implement projects aimed at advances in the development of better mental health, nationally and internationally
Summary of relevant work: 

We have collaborated with several other organisations and partners:

  • Association ASP (Actions in Public Health) within the framework of the psychosocial care project for teenage mothers since 2014
  • CASS of Nkolndongo (a community-health hospital in Yaounde) where regular training, seminars and conferences are held to promote mental health
  • Partnership on mental health sensitisation in hospitals in Yaounde
  • Partnership on mental health sensitisation in schools
  • Co-organisation of the first ever mental health forum for the promotion of psychological and psychiatric care in Cameroon with other organisations such as the Healthcare Information For All (HIFA)
  • Contributed to and participated in the writing, proof-reading and submission of mental health documents such as the mental health policy, guides, programmes, etc. for validation on the 26th of October 2016 in Yaounde by the Ministry of Public Health
  • Organisation and participation in the first Cameroonian mental health days on 15-17 December 2015
  • Participation in World Mental Health Day 2014
  • Participation in the setting up of a mental health crisis intervention team following the request of the Ministry of Public Health in the Biyem-Assi road traffic accident on 16 October 2014
  • Management of Eseka train accident in October 2016
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Key partners: 
  • Action en Santé Publique (ASP), Genève
  • CASS de Nkoldongo, Yaoundé
  • Self-funding through members annual membership fee, still seeking funders
Seeking collaboration with: 
Other organizations
Experts by experience/service users
Policy makers