WAYAS is a registered charity in The Gambia and aims to provide confidential counselling service, information, advocacy, and support to women, children, young people and adults. An important part of this work is to make psychological support more available, identify difficulties in accessing mental health care, and encouraging those with poor mental health to seek support. Ultimately, working towards psycho-social well-being and mental health of the most vulnerable groups in The Gambia is our main priority. Wayas offers consistent and long-term support within the community.

The ethical framework around which Wayas operates is build on the following core values:

  • Respect: for our clients, staff, and partner organisations
  • Justice: the fair and impartial treatment of all clients and the provision of adequate/appropriate services
  • Excellence: we maintain the highest levels of practice, believing people work best in a culture of mutual support with professional oversight
  • Autonomy: respect for the client’s right to be self-governing
  • Partnership: working with partners and other agencies to develop a network of services to meet the range of needs throughout The Gambia; co-operation and learning from others is key to our work.
Summary of relevant work: 

WAYAS offers counselling and psychotherapy, both in one-on-one settings and in group. We also offer individual sessions in life coaching. Besides this, advocacy is a big part of our work; advocating for better, more and more accessible mental health services is central to our work. Finally, training is a big part of our work. We are available to offer support to Gambian workers in the social field (e.g. counselors, social workers, mental health team members, etc.).


Wayas - Alhagie Camara Fajara ‘M’ Section,
Bakau P. O. Box 2729,
Sere Kunda
The Gambia

0044 7961 753242
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