West Africa Behavioural Health Addictions and Recovery Management (WABHARM) is a non-profit, social-enterprise organisation, committed to providing evidence-based behavioural health, substance misuse prevention, treatment intervention and recovery management to individuals, their families and the community at large, with the ultimate purpose of increasing awareness of various psychoactive drugs and alcohol. We are a part/affiliate of the Ethnic Minority Behavioural Health Addiction & Recovery Management (EMBHARM) Foundation UK.

The primary goal of the foundation is to reduce harm related to substance misuse. To provide citizens with a realistic opportunity to address their abuse/dependence on psychoactive substances including alcohol. This is done by aiming to achieve improvement in health, social, psychological, legal, crime and welfare as well as enhanced life opportunities for the people of Accra who are vulnerable through the use of alcohol and drugs. 

Summary of relevant work: 

We deliver quality treatment interventions and manage recovery pathways tailored at improving individual needs with emphasis on re-integration into the wider society as productive members of their communities. We also advocate against the stigma associated with drug/alcohol dependency and mental health through awareness creation and dispelling the myths associated with substance misuse and mental health disorders.

Millati Islami is one of our faith-based/self-help, recovery programs that is aimed at enhancing treatment outcome and promoting preventive awareness within the Muslim community. We currently have a feeding program and clothes bank within the Zongo communities with emphasis on Nima with the hope of expanding to other Muslim communities. Below are some key areas of our operation:

  • Addiction
  • Mental health
  • Co-occurring disorders
  • Recovery management

Redemption Place
14 Plant Pool Road
New Aplaku
Accra, Ghana               

Mobile: +23324 6161793

Telephone: +233302 853474
Key partners: 
  •  Ethnic Minority Behavioural Health Addiction & Recovery Management (Ghana)
Seeking collaboration with: 
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