To assist NGOs and other agencies working in post-disaster, war or conflict zones in assessing the well-being needs of staff – or the communities they serve – and in delivering identified psychosocial responses, through a mobile phone and computer based program.

Summary of relevant work: 

Created by the Initiative for Conflict-Related Trauma (ICRT), WordOnTheGround works with agencies and communities around the world to help them address mental health needs arising from conflict and disasters. The ICRT draws upon extensive social innovation experience in developing post-conflict trauma services in Northern Ireland and associated activities related to peace building and conflict management. 


WordOnTheGround provides a cost-effective means of reaching remote or otherwise hard-to-reach communities and frontline workers in the context of war, conflict and other emergencies, ensuring that their changing needs can be better understood. The mobile phone/computer based platform has been specifically developed to support NGO front line workers, journalists and physicians. The platform can be used to

  1. deliver and support interventions by organisations aimed at strengthening mental health and well-being and
  2. signpost users to resources, immediate support, and other services.

In addition to directly supporting staff, the platform will also assist organisations in the prioritisation and deployment of their support services, and the implementation of their duty-of-care requirements.

Recognising the differences in needs, there are two versions of the program: Frontline Worker and Community.  Depending on which version is being deployed, organisations using WordOnTheGround have access to regular summaries of frontline worker or community needs, and reports based on data which will help identify gaps and priorities.

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