Young Psychiatrists' Network

Young Psychiatrists' Network

Young Psychiatrists' Network (YPN) is a non-profit, fast-growing movement, functioning since 2009. It is an entirely peer-regulated network led by the initiative, interests and energy of early-career psychiatrists. Some of the unique principles of the YPN include those of equality among its members, lack of hierarchy and bureaucracy, openness to any interested new members, and innovative ideas. The ultimate goal of the network is to provide a means to positively influence psychiatric practice and care at a local and international level by building capacity and strengthening leadership in mental health.

Mission statement


Global development of psychiatry through close cooperation of young psychiatrists worldwide, expanding knowledge and sharing experiences, giving the means to influence psychiatric care at local and international levels.


Facilitating the evolution of young psychiatrists from different parts of the world, and improvement of their knowledge, skills and abilities through close interactions, international collaboration, sharing experiences and expertise.


Striving to identify and communicate the highest level of clinical care, promoting the rights of people with mental illness, national diversity, cultural tradition, and working towards destigmatising psychiatric illness in society. The interaction between members of the YPN is grounded in mutual respect, openness, friendship and lack of a hierarchy, thereby encouraging an open dialogue and a friendly atmosphere.

Summary of relevant work

The Young Psychiatrists’ Network is a movement of early-career psychiatrists that was established in 2009 with the principles of peer regulation, lack of hierarchy and transparency. From humble beginnings as a small group of professionals in Eastern Europe, the Network is expanding into a globally inclusive platform. 


Training, education and capacity building
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