Aisha Abdulazeez-Ibrahim

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I was born in the ancient city of Kano State, a city and I have lived there all my life. I am a mother, wife, daughter, sister friend and a counsellor. I have been a volunteer, workshop facilitator, conference presenter, teacher and have held many roles in different jobs. Common threads weaved through these roles is the ability to have exceptional interpersonal skills, as well as the ability to be a good leader and teacher. These are gifts I am grateful to have. I have been a volunteer on counselling youth in the field of mental health some of who have experienced trauma, mental health issues (e.g., anxiety, depression, abuse, grief, loss, stress, relationship challenges, domestic violence, substance misuse and addictions) I have also worked with people exploring identity, personal growth, wellness, goals, purpose and meaning in life.

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Children and adolescents
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Depression/anxiety/stress-related disorders
Alcohol/drug use disorders
Dementia and other neurocognitive disorders

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