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Senior Lecturer & Course Director MSc in Global Mental Health
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I am an anthropologist with interests in models of community mental health services and sociocultural and environmental influences on the mental health of populations. I have conducted ethnographic research on how social worlds shaped the emotions and behaviours of homeless mentally ill persons living in the Skid Row district of Los Angeles and lead the development of a qualitative case study method to monitor and evaluate community mental health programs in low-income countries.  In addition to being co-author of three of the papers in the 2007 Lancet series on Global Mental Health, I have edited two case books of mental health programs and have published literature reviews on the mental health of indigenous people, mental health services in primary care and the course and outcome of schizophrenia in low and middle income countries. My current research includes: development of an intervention to prevent depression among at risk older adults in Goa, India; and conducting a pilot study to establish a set of methodologies to estimate the epidemiology, phenomenology, and course and outcome of psychosis in research sites in India, Nigeria, and Trinidad.

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INTernational REsearch Programme on Psychoses In Diverse settings (INTREPID II)

Cross-cultural research programme to generate rigorous population-based data on schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders in India, Nigeria and Trinidad.
Families and carers
Psychosis/bipolar disorder
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Community Mental Health Case Studies Manual

Case Studies Manual for mental health programmes created by CBM and LSHTM
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Global Mental Health: A personal perspective

Dr Alex Cohen is Honorary Associate Professor at LSHTM and co-founder of the MSc Programme in Global Mental Health jointly led by the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine and the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience. In his lecture, he explores the objectives of the field and deliberates the role of the MSc in shaping the future of global mental health.
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#studyGMH: Forging Global Networks of People Concerned with Global Mental Health

Dr Alex Cohen, Course Director, MSc in Global Mental Health at London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, introduces his course and students, and talks about how he hopes this programme will forge global networks of people concerned with global mental health.