Aneel Brar

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Chief Operating Officer; Researcher
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Aneel Brar is the Chief Operating Officer of the Mata Jai Kaur Maternal and Child Health Centre (MJK), a non-governmental organization that provides antenatal and pediatric care, mental health care, safe delivery services, and health education to low-income and vulnerable women in rural Rajasthan, India. Aneel is a recent graduate of the Master of Medical Sciences in Global Health Delivery program at Harvard Medical School, and currently a Visiting Academic at HMS’ Department of Global Health and Social Medicine. He holds a Master of Political Science degree from McGill University, and Bachelor degrees in Biology and Political Science from the University of Calgary. Aneel has worked on issues of health, education, and social policy in India, Senegal, Burkina Faso, and Canadian Arctic. 

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Disorders of interest: 
Child behavioural and developmental disorders
Psychosis/bipolar disorder
Depression/anxiety/stress-related disorders
All disorders

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