Blandine Bruyere

Job role: 
Clinical Psychologist, PhD, MHPSS advisor
Member type: 
Educator / Academic
Brief Biography: 

Collective violence, exile, migration, expatriation and their effects on mental health are at the heart of my concerns as a clinician, researcher and teacher. I accompany, individually or in groups, teenagers, adults or families, on humanitarian grounds and in France. Support for teams and institutions (training or analysis of professional practices) is also an important area of work. The inter-cultural and trans-cultural dimensions of these different forms of work require us to constantly question our global intervention mechanisms and our thinking patterns, which too often tend towards uniformity when the subject can only be singular... and because it affects all generations, all sexes and all socio-professional categories.

Regions of interest: 
Middle East
Children and adolescents
Minority populations
Humanitarian and conflict health
Disorders of interest: 
Psychosis/bipolar disorder
Depression/anxiety/stress-related disorders
Alcohol/drug use disorders
All disorders

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