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Treatment For Aging Dogs

Some older dogs may become restless at night, and stay awake, pacing through the house, or vocalizing unless you have regular check up at Calgary animal clinic. Pain, the need to urinate or defecate more often, the loss of vision or hearing, changes in appetite, and neurologic conditions can contribute to this behavior. Any medical condition contributing to this behavior problem should be treated. Again, remote corrections may be helpful, or it may be necessary to confine the dog in a location away from the bedrooms during the night. According to Pfizer Pharmaceutical, 62% of dogs age 10 years and older will experience at least some of the following symptoms, which could indicate that he has canine cognitive dysfunction (CCD). Confusion or disorientation. The dog may get lost in his own back yard, or get trapped in corners or behind furniture. Pacing and being awake all night, or a change in sleeping patterns. Loss of housetraining abilities. A previously housetrained dog may not remember and may urinate or defecate where he normally would not.

Properties Animal Clinic has always been a professional Calgary vet clinic for over 30 years. They are generally experienced vets acquainted with all types of animal conditions, testing and treatment methods. They may accept both urgent and regular medical, surgical, and dental issues during their business hours. They believe they stand out from other Calgary vet clinics in the level of trust they perform to maintain with their clients. As specialized and diligent vets in the area, their team tries to practice the best standard veterinary medicine while assuring full client education. Your pet's wellness is significant to them and they do everything they can to provide the best possible veterinary care. And beyond first-rate animal care from their veterinarian team, they make sure theirs is a comfortable, kid-friendly, and calm environment so pets can relax and potentially even enjoy their vet clinic experiences. This is a veterinary clinic that is very easy to get to, in order to minimize the impact of a car ride on your pet.

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