Dixon Chibanda

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Principal Investigator (PI) of the Friendship Bench; Director for AMARI: African Mental Health Research Initiative
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Service User Representative/Advocate
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Dixon Chibanda started the Friendship Bench in one of Harare’s townships called Mbare in 2007 and conceptualized the first Friendship Bench intervention that has now been refined and adapted considerably.

He has been involved in mental health research for many years. Dixon is a key player in bringing the various stakeholders from local health authorities, health professionals, national and international researchers and donors together to form successful collaborations. In his role as PI, he has led the Friendship Bench team through the rigorous exercise of the randomized control trial (RCT) which was able to deliver evidence for the intervention’s effectiveness. He is currently leading the team as they scale-up the Friendship Bench to over 60 primary health care clinics in the country.

Dixon Chibanda is also Director of AMARI: African Mental Health Research Initiative 

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Depression/anxiety/stress-related disorders
Dixon Chibanda

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