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Erica Breuer is a public mental health researcher based in Newcastle, Australia, with various research interests including the development and evaluation of complex mental health interventions in low and middle income countries. From 2008-2018 she worked in Cape Town, South Africa, where she worked on studies using theory driven evaluation approaches in the development and evaluation of complex health interventions, intervention studies of community based mental health services and epidemiological studies of mental illness in South Africa, Ethiopia, India, Nepal, Uganda and Kenya. From 2011-2019, she has been a researcher and project manager for the Programme for Improving Mental Healthcare (PRIME) (, a multi-country research programme which aims to develop, implement, evaluate and scale up mental healthcare plans in five low and middle income countries led from the University of Cape Town. She has specific expertise in Theory of Change and is currently co-leading the Theory of Change work-package for STRiDE: Strengthening Dementia Responses in Low- and Middle-Income Countries (

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Psychosis/bipolar disorder
Depression/anxiety/stress-related disorders
Dementia and other neurocognitive disorders
South Africa
Erica Breuer

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PRIME - Nepal

Integrating mental health service delivery into primary health care system in Nepal through a health systems strengthening approach in partnership with researchers, ministries of health and non-governmental organisations.
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Using Theory of Change in Prime and my PhD: Key Lessons Learned

Erica Breuer discusses her PhD research born from her work as project manager on PRIME, evaluating how she could use theory of change to design and evaluate complex interventions across five low- and middle-income countries using PRIME as a case example.