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Research Fellow
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Presently working as Research Fellow/PI Mental Health Beyond Facilities, a GCC funded project based at Makerere University School of Public Health. My goal is to strengthen mental health policy, planning and financing in sub Saharan Africa and other LMIC. I worked as National Mental Health Coordinator in Uganda from 1996 to 2000 where I was able to get mental health integrated into the health policy. From 2000 to 2006, I worked at the World Bank in Washington DC, doing analytic activities, knowledge management, operations and partnership activities.  I have an interest in the area of gender and health, and have consulted for Population Council, UNFPA, ECA and AU.

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Middle East
South America
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All disorders

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Mental Health Beyond Facilities (mhBeF)

Bridging clinical and community care by integrating peer support, livelihood support and stigma reduction
Humanitarian and conflict health
Psychosis/bipolar disorder
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Mental health will be key to the global response to the COVID-19 crisis

As the UK co-hosts a Coronavirus Global Response Summit today, mental health activists Florence Baingana, Rochelle Burgess, and Nigel Taylor argue that for an effective response, it will be critical to address the higher levels of mental illness stemming with the crisis. They call for a mental health lens to be applied across all responses to COVID-19 to consider the mental health implications and potential mitigation action. Whilst increased investment in poorly resourced mental services will be important, responses that address the social and economic pathways to poor mental health may have greater effect.
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MHIN Africa launch webinar: "African mental health care stakeholders are more powerful together”

MHIN Africa kicks off its official launch with a webinar explaining why mental health stakeholders in Africa must join forces.
Policy and legislation
Training, education and capacity building
All disorders
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Maintaining the Momentum: Out of the Shadows

Florence Baingana of the WHO Sierra Leone office recounts 20 years of struggle for global mental health in the lead-up to the regional launch of the report 'Mental Health Funding and the SDGs: What next and who pays?’