Gil Blackwood

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Retd Psychiatrist
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2006 to 2008 liaised with Head of Department of Psychiatry University of Zambia, the late Dr Mwanza Banda, to produce curriculum for Masters of Medicine in Psychiatry.

2009 Curriculum accepted and commenced with 4 students.

2009 to 2013 visiting Senior Lecturer in Psychiatry, Dept of Psychiatry, University of Zambia helping deliver curriculum.

Previously trained in Medicine at Oxford University, in Psychiatry in Edinburgh and Aberdeen. Consultant Psychiatrist and Clinical Senior Lecturer in Psychiatry in Leeds for 11 years. Consultant Psychiatrist in Jersey for 15 years.

Particular interests. Improving competence of Mental Health workers. Reduce incidence of misdiagnoses and improper and possibly harmful treatment. Very impressed with the potential of MHGap to deliver these aims.


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United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Gil June 2016

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