ikhlef atmane

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Pofessor, mental health & sprcial education
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Educator / Academic
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Dr. Atmane Ikhlef is a Professor of mental health in the Department of Psychological Sciences at Qatar University (1997-2016), where he teaches, actively engaged in collaborative research activities, consultancy work, and professional service both locally and internationally. Professor Atmane Ikhlef was a Consulting Editor to the Change: An International Journal of Psychology and Psychotherapy, and has served as a reviewer for a number of scientific journals including the International Journal of Adolescence and Youth, Psychological Reports. Near and Middle Eastern Journal of Research in Education, and Perceptual and Motor Skills. Dr. Atmane Ikhlef has provided valuable service to the community through his work with the National Center for Educator Development. Professor Ikhlef Chaired both the Departments of Mental Health and Psychological Sciences in the College of Education at Qatar University for over ten years during which he made significant contributions in terms of program development, capacity building and service delivery. He was the recipient of the Hubert Humphrey Professional Fellowship (Johns Hopkins University, 1992) and the Fulbright Fellowship (University of Pennsylvania, 1993). Professor Ikhlef received a Master in Public Mental Health from Johns Hopkins University (USA), and his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Plymouth (UK) followed by a post-doctoral fellowship in clinical health psychology. Professor Ikhlef has actively collaborated on a number of internally and externally funded research projects including a $750.000 Qatar National Research Fund funded research project (2008-2011) which investigated the impact the “Education for a New Era” Classroom and School Processes on student outcomes,  and which resulted in a number of scientific publications including a paper which received the Springer Best Paper for  2012 American Educational Research Association conference in Vancouver, Canada.

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Middle East
Disorders of interest: 
Child behavioural and developmental disorders
Depression/anxiety/stress-related disorders
Alcohol/drug use disorders

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