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Post-doctoral fellow
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I am a post-doctoral fellow at the Centre for Applied Research in Mental Health and Additictions (CARMHA) in the Faculty of Health Sciences at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada.My current research interests include the development of culturally acceptable mental health services in Canada and in a global context and issues in scale-up of mental health service models including task-shifting approaches. 

My doctoral research explored barriers and facilitators to the integration of services for common mental disorders in primary care from the perspective of health workers in Vietnam. My mixed methods study explored variables including cultural understandings of common mental disorders, formal and informal knowledge about common mental disorders, training, work flow and work load of primary care staff, in addition to the influence of primary care programs and policies, as a means of anticipating challenges and opportunities related to integrating services for common mental disorders in primary care. I conducted field research in Hanoi, Vietnam from July to December 2014, working in partnership with the Institute of Population, Health and Development in Hanoi.

I am the Canadian Research Coordinator of a Grand Challenges Canada funded transition-to-scale project in Vietnam, which has two components: testing, using an RCT, a supported self-management approach for adult depession, and 2) piloting a parental education intervention to address children's behavioural disorders 

I also have experience and expertise in the areas of equitable partnerships for global health research and knowledge translation. 


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Child behavioural and developmental disorders
Depression/anxiety/stress-related disorders

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Feasibility Study in Preparation for Randomized Controlled Trial: Enhanced Primary Mental Health Care

Test the feasibility of implementing a Supported Self-Management (SSM) approach to address depression by primary healthcare providers in Vietnam.
Children and adolescents
Families and carers
Depression/anxiety/stress-related disorders
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