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John W. Drain has over twenty years of corporate and small business experience and five years of college level teaching experience. John holds an MBA from the University of Oregon and resides with his wife in Portland. John has lived and worked in the developing world for more than five years while with the Intel Corporation and brings a multicultural perspective to the StrongMinds team. As COO, John will provide strategic management and leadership, along with operational control and compliance, to help further the goal of delivering mental health services to under served populations.

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Depression/anxiety/stress-related disorders

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StrongMinds improves the mental health of low-income and marginalized women and adolescents in sub-Saharan Africa by providing free, group talk therapy delivered by lay community mental health workers.
Depression/anxiety/stress-related disorders
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StrongMinds: Taking an innovative therapy to an unprecedented scale

John Drain and Sean Mayberry from StrongMinds explain how local context and culture impact scalability