Laurie L. Charlés

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Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Project Lead, Global Family Systems & Psychosocial Resilience, #RapidResponse to Covid19
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Educator / Academic
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Laurie L. Charlés, PhD, LMFT, implements systemic family therapy practice in international humanitarian relief contexts, in low and middle-income countries, and with vulnerable populations in conflict-affected states. She is the author and co-editor of several books in family therapy, most recently, Family Therapy Supervision in Extraordinary Settings: Illustrations of Systemic Approaches in Everyday Clinical Work, with Dr. Thorana Nelson, and is co-editor, with Dr Gameela Samarasinghe, of Family Therapy in Global Humanitarian Contexts: Voices and Issues from the Field (2016) & Family Systems and Global Humanitarian Mental Health: Approaches in the Field (2019), both of which examine critical issues specific to the practice of systemic family therapy within global mental health contexts, with a particular attention to the humanitarian sphere. She is currently Project Lead for "Global Family Systems & Psychosocial Resilience," a Rapid Response grant to support community resilience during Covid19


Human rights
Task sharing
Prevention and promotion
Training, education and capacity building
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Middle East
North America
Humanitarian and conflict health
United States of America

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Psychosocial Innovation In Post-War Sri Lanka

A book on a project that highlights how psychosocial project delivery in a post-conflict country incorporates relational understandings in its training of mental health workers
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Treatment, care and rehabilitation
Training, education and capacity building
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Supporting Families Facing Adversity

Dr Laurie Charles, World Health Organization Guinea Office, discusses the importance of family systems while delivering therapy.
Treatment, care and rehabilitation
All disorders
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Supporting Families Facing Adversity : A neglected approach?

Laurie Charles argues that using a family systems approach is important when delivering therapy to an individual who has faced an adverse event or an extreme stressor.
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#FundaMentalSDG blog series: The intertwined link between mental health and all aspects of health

Dr Laurie Charles, from Our Lady of the Lake University, USA, gives her perspective on why even for those in high-income countries, mental healths inclusion in the SDGs is a neccesary step