Nivida Chandra

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Research Scholar
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I'm the founder and editor at The Shrinking Couch, an e-initiative to promote dialog on mental health in urban India. We publish personal and professional stories that have to do with experiences around mental health and illness, as well as encourage dialog around critiquing the current scenario. We aim to reduce stigma and increase awareness around mental health and illness, and empower people to take their mental health into their own hands.

I'm also a doctoral research scholar at the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (India). My thesis focuses emotional neglect and abuse in children in urban India. In particular, the focus in on emotional parentification, that is, children caring for their parents more than feeling cared for by them. It is an emotional, anxiety proviking relational imbalance. The analysis includes retrospective narratives of adults who upon reflection understand their childhood trauma, and recognize and make meaning of their experiences. Their experiences, and thus this study, sits at the cross section of a rapidly modernizing and globalizing society, evolving psychological discourse, and post-coloniality. 

Human rights
Prevention and promotion
Detection and diagnosis
Training, education and capacity building
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Primary care
Maternal and neonatal health
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Depression/anxiety/stress-related disorders

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