Paul Bomke

Job role: 
CEO of a mental health service provider
Pfalzklinikum - Initiative for Resilience and Health Literacy
Member type: 
Policy Maker
Brief Biography: 

Diploma in economics and public services, since February 2010 CEO at the Pfalzklinikum fuer Psychiatrie und Neurologie (2,000 employees), a provider for mental health services in the palatine region, State of Rhineland- Palatinate (14 locations) and for Treatment in neurology in Klingenmuenster. He is also CEOof  an out patient departement (public limited) in the region around Kaiserslautern.

His main focus is on improving strategic- and leadership issues in institutions for mental health services in the south of germany. A further focus of his work is to develop models and projects for community based mental health services, based on international experiences in this field. He is also concentrating on policy making in the field of integration and inclusion of mental ill and disabled persons in the communities and improving mental health literacy.

Leader of the "german learning group" at the Alberta Family Wellness Initiative (AFWI). Since October 2014 Founder of the Initiative “Die Pfalz macht sich/Dich stark - Wege zur Resilience” (the palatine region makes itself/your stronger – Ways to resilience).

Palzklinikum and Bomke won in February 2016 the Award for Innovation (Initiative of the Year) and Excellence in Leadership Award from OneBigSociety, UK.

Since 2016 the Pfalzklinikum and Paul Bomke is partner with the Ndera Neuro-Psychiatric Hospital in Kigali, Rwanda. In 2017 both partners started a new project around improving mental health in Rwanda and in Germany (State of Rhineland-Palatinate).

Regions of interest: 
Children and adolescents
Humanitarian and conflict health
Disorders of interest: 
All disorders

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