Petra Gronholm

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Research Fellow
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Post-doctoral researcher with a background in health services research (PhD), mental health (MSc), and psychology (BSc). My particular areas of interest include young people’s mental health and early intervention strategies, processes underpinning help-seeking and service contact, the experience of emerging mental health problems and the “labelling” of difficulties, and stigma and discrimination associated with mental health problems, help-seeking and service contact.

Empowerment and service user involvement
Prevention and promotion
Detection and diagnosis
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Middle East
North America
Central America and the Caribbean
South America
Primary care
Specialist care
Children and adolescents
Families and carers
Disorders of interest: 
Child behavioural and developmental disorders
Psychosis/bipolar disorder
Depression/anxiety/stress-related disorders
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Indirect social contact interventions to reduce mental health-related stigma in low- and middle-income countries: systematic review

Research shows that social contact is the best evidence-based intervention to reduce stigma. Within the context of a rapid development of remote technology, and COVID-19-related restrictions for face-to-face contact, the aim of this paper is to categorise, compare and define indirect social contact (ISC) interventions to reduce stigma and discrimination in mental health in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) The aims of this systematic review are to address the gap in research on ISC in LMICs by categorising, comparing and defining ISC interventions to reduce mental health-related stigma in LMICs.
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Research summaries and systematic reviews