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Profile: Name: Ramadhan Salim meelad Almusrati Date of birth: 4. 12. 1966 Nationality: Libyan Place of birth: Benghazi – Libya Marital status: married with four children Telephone Number: 0924163176 – Libya E mail: misratiramadan@yahoo.com


1. Bachelor in Medicine and surgery (MBCHB) from faculty of Medicine – Al – Arab Medical University in Nov 1998 (Renamed Recently Garyounis University). 2. Public Mental Health Diploma from Department of Public Health Sciences, University of Roma -Italy "La Sapienza" institute in academic year 2004/ 2005

3. Certificate of attendance theoretical course and Seminars on information of substances abuse and drugs issues with Rehabilitation programmers of Italian center of solidarity ( Centro italiano di solidarieta) Roma – Italy in February 2005.

4. Certificate of language – culture from university of Houston- United state of America & language- culture centre in 2009.

5. Certificate course of Elderly Care and Caring for the Disabled' by A New World of free Certified Learning in 2016. ( Self Paced Course )

6. Certificate of Course of Confronting Gender Based Violence from Johns Hopkins university USA in 2015. ( Self Paced Course )

7. Certificate of Course of Dealing with Disaster Related Trauma in Children from Columbia university USA in 2016. ( Self Paced Course )

8. Certificate of course of State of the science the health, and mental health consequences of catastrophic events from Columbia university USA in 2016. ( Self Paced Course )

9. Certificate of course of prevent of HIV transmission from mother to children from Johns Hopkins university USA in 2016. ( Self Paced Course )

10. Certificate of course treatment, and control T.B disease in HIV patients from Johns Hopkins university USA in 2016. ( Self Paced Course )


1. Intern ship in Medicine, surgery , pediatric in Aljala teaching Hospital and El- fateh Hospital – Benghazi – Libya and Obstetrics Gynecology in Jamahiriya Hospital, Family & Community Medicine include Psychiatry teaching Hospital of Benghazi and polyclinic of Benghazi from 1.2. 1999 To 31. 1. 2000.

2 .physician in Mental hospital of Benghazi, Libya from 1.2.2000.

3. As a senior House officer in psychiatric Hospital of Benghazi from 01/ 02/ 2001 up to 31/ 05/ 2003, and as Registrar in the same Hospital from 01/ 6/ 2003 up to 31/01/2006. Then as a Senior Registrar from 01/ 02/ 2006 up to date.

4. General director of mental hospital of Benghazi from 2012 up to 2018. Languages

I have got Test of English as a foreign language

Writing Reading language Vary good Vary good Arab good good English good good Italy


1. Participation in the 8 World Congress of Biological Psychiatry in Berlin, Germany From 1-6 July 2001.

2. Participation in the (WPA) International thematic Conference integrating the Sciences in Vienna, Austria from 19 – 22 June 2003.

3. Participation in the (Project 1 billion) International Congress of Ministers of Health for Mental Health and Post- conflict Recovery in Roma, Italy on 2004.

4. Participation in the International Congress of Social and mental Health Supportive of mental retardation in Roma- Italy from 9-10 December 2004.

5. Participation in the First Annual conference of Psychiatry Neurology and Neurosurgery in Tripoli – Libya from 15- 16 June 2006.

6. Speaker in the First Annual conference of Psychiatry Neurology and Neurosurgery by Conference Abstract (Benghazi Program for Treatment and Rehabilitation of Addictions.

7. Member of Libyan Association of Psychiatry, Neurology and Neurosurgery.

8 .Teaching staff at the High Institute of Health/ Benghazi, Part time-Psychiatry unit, since January 2004.

9. Psychiatrist at the Benghazi center of infectious disease and immunity, Part time- Psychiatry and psychology, sociology supporting office, since September 2006.

10. volunteer, and psychotherapist in addictions people community- Italian center of solidarity, and Vatican program in 2005- Rome- Italy.

11. General manager of Mental hospital of Benghazi – Libya since end of 2012 up to date.

Interest: Computer: office, Excel, power point, internet, sports, music, Camping


1. Dr. Muftah Younis Ali, MSc, PhD, FIBMS, Cbiol, MIBio Head, Microbiology, and Parasitology Department/ Garyounis University Dean of High Institute of Health/ Benghazi. 091322 1506 (mobile).

2. Dr. Hassn Gheriani MD. Nephrology clinic fellow – Ottawa Research institute –Canada Email: hgheriani@yahoo.com Phone number: 6138660684- Canada


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Older adults
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Dementia and other neurocognitive disorders

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