Valentina Iemmi

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Research Fellow / PhD candidate
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Valentina Iemmi is a Research Fellow at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), specialising in global mental health policy.

She has been working in global mental health policy and practice research, based in the UK and France. She has collaborated with range of different partners and funders in high income settings – including the European Commission, French Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment, UK Department of Health, Scottish Government, UK All-Party Parliamentary Group on Dementia, National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, Shirley Foundation, Maternal Mental Health Alliance, Rethink Mental Illness, Mental Health Foundation, Challenging Behaviour Foundation – and low and middle income settings – including the World Health Organization, the UK Department for International Development, 3ie International Initiative for Impact Evaluation, Global Network for Research in Mental and Neurological Health, Mental Health Innovation Network, Basic Needs.

After training as a Clinical Psychologist (University of Paris, 2006), she completed her MSc in Health Policy, Planning and Financing (LSE & London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, 2009). She is currently working on her PhD at the LSE where she is exploring the role of international donors investing in mental health in low and middle income countries using mixed methods.


Policy and legislation
Empowerment and service user involvement
Task sharing
Prevention and promotion
Detection and diagnosis
Treatment, care and rehabilitation
Training, education and capacity building
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Middle East
North America
Central America and the Caribbean
South America
Primary care
Specialist care
Maternal and neonatal health
Children and adolescents
Older adults
Families and carers
Minority populations
Disorders of interest: 
All disorders
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

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Suicide and poverty in low-income and middle-income countries: a systematic review

Study suggesting associations between suicide and economic poverty in low-income and middle-income countries.
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Research summaries and systematic reviews
Prevention and promotion
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Community-based Rehabilitation for People With Disabilities in Low- and Middle-income Countries: A Systematic Review

A systematic review on the evidence about the impact of community-based rehabilitation on the lives of people with disabilities and their carers in LAMIC.
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Research summaries and systematic reviews
Treatment, care and rehabilitation
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External actors offer opportunities to unlock additional resources for global mental health

Valentina Iemmi is a Research Fellow in the Department of Health Policy and PhD candidate in the Department of Social Policy at the London School of Economics and Political Science. In this blog, she shares the results of her PhD research exploring the role of international actors investing in global mental health in low and middle income countries.
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Are suicide and poverty associated in low and middle income countries?

Valentina Iemmi and Jason Bantjes explain and put in context their recent review article examining the relationship between suicide and poverty in LMICs.
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Have Your Say on the Treatment Gap in Global Mental Health

Victoria de Menil and Valentina Iemmi describe the proceedings of the UK's first joint hearing on global mental health.