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Basic psychosocial support skills are at the core of any MHPSS intervention. Such skills are also indispensable for many other relief providers involved in the COVID-19 response, whether they identify as an MHPSS provider or not. This illustrated guide, developed by the IASC Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Reference Group (MHPSS RG), aims at building basic psychosocial skills among all essential workers responding to COVID-19 in all sectors.

The document is the result of two rounds of formal consultations and weekly calls among the 57 IASC MHPSS Result Group member organizations, including the Chairs of the MHPSS Technical Working Groups deployed in 22 humanitarian emergencies. Furthermore, around 200 COVID-19 survivors as well as COVID-19 emergency responders in 24 countries participated in a survey, a consultation and the piloting of the document.

This is an advanced copy of the final document, which is still undergoing clearance by the OPAG. Once cleared, this document will be replaced by the final version.  

© IASC Reference Group MHPSS, 2020. All rights reserved. Contact the IASC MHPSS Reference Group (mhpss.refgroup@gmail.com) for existing translations or permission to translate.

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