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End the Cycle is a CBM resource promoting tools and resources to help international development practitioners raise awareness of and practice disability-inclusive development.

Mental health issues are a common experience of many people. However, when someone experiences a long-term and/or episodic mental health issue and barriers in their community prevent equal participation, this is considered a psychosocial disability.

Check out the below videos and blogs and to learn about the kinds of barriers that exist for persons with psychosocial disability and what can be done to ensure they are included in and benefit from community life. These resources are from people with disabilities who tell their own stories in their own words and all the people whose stories are included below have all been involved in deciding how they will be represented, and which aspects of their story to share, retaining final sign-off for all materials.


  • VIDEO: End the Cycle’s video on how mental health play’s a part in the cycle of poverty and disability 
  • BLOG: Grace’s story 
  • VIDEO: Timothy’s story 
  • BLOG: Badrul’s story
  • Mental Health Factsheet: End the Cycle
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