Code of Ethics for Psychology in Tanzania

Code of Ethics for Psychology in Tanzania

Riley Dimech

This Code of Ethics represents a significant milestone as the first in the Republic of Tanzania, providing essential guidance for psychologists and mental health practitioners nationwide. As the first Code of Ethics for Psychology to be implemented in The Republic of Tanzania, its primary purpose is to provide psychologists and mental health workers with a guide for navigating ethical decisions in the practice of psychology. This document is not all-encompassing, nor is it a legal document. Moreover, it is not intended to be a strict set of rules but rather a framework for fostering an ethical culture within the field of psychology.

This document was written in consultation with existing codes of ethics and has been adapted and tailored to suit the practice of psychology in Tanzania. This document is intended to be used by all professionals in the mental health sector and provide a simple and standardised framework for ethical practice. This Code of Ethics was developed for mental health professionals in Tanzania by Riley Dimech, under the supervision of Dr Divjyot Kaur (Singapore), and with local support from Pascal Kang’Iria (Tanzania).


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