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Policy and advocacy
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Persons living with mental and substance abuse problems, and their families are often stigmatised by societies. Democratising Mental Health is a short documentary film (9 mins) set in Nepal told from a patient perspective. It takes the viewer on a journey of a family's search for mental health care, including their interactions with traditional health systems. Along their journey, they come across people working for PRIME, which is engaging in people-centred strategies to integrate mental health into the primary health care system, and to give a voice to those who are typically marginalised in low and middle-income countries. In addition to alcohol use disorders, PRIME also identifies depression (including maternal depression), psychosis (notably schizophrenia), and epilepsy as priority mental disorders.

Ethics approval was obtained from University of Cape Town Human Research Ethics Committee, and Nepal Health Research Council. All participants in this film consented to their participation for broadcast. Furthermore, a health professional provided an undertaking for service users confirming their capacity to consent.

Director, Producer & Offline Editor: Amit Makan
Director of Photography: Chris Aupiais
Online Editor: Stephen Horn
Sound Recorder: Frances Stephens

All disorders
Primary care
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