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Research summaries and systematic reviews
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A MHIN review summary* for the review entitled "Estimating the coverage of mental health programmes: a systematic review" (De Silva et al, 2014).

The evaluation of treatment coverage is crucial to the scale up of services for mental disorders, and can be easily integrated into the existing monitoring system of mental health programmes. These evaluations further serve to improve the quality and resource utilisation of available services, and to inform the development of new services aimed to enhance effective and equitable coverage in the population.

See the full systematic review here and download the research summary using the link to the right. 

*Images courtesy of Valentina Iemmi. Copyright © 2015 Valentina Iemmi. All rights reserved.

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Helping identify and measure clinical outcomes and their effectiveness is critical to positive health care delivery. An important initiative. We're working on a number of projects in the US focused on these types of initiatives. Happy to share our experience. Rini Mozzaz.com rini@mozzaz.com


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