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Policy and advocacy
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Insider tips for communicating your idea on a budget

This toolkit aims to help global mental health researchers communicate their findings to their stakeholders. The principles in this toolkit can be applied to all stakeholders, including policy‐makers, and to key messages about your project’s implementation and policy influence activities. The toolkit is a pulling together of the experience working in development communications across the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine. 

This toolkit will help you to know:

  1. How to package your key messages to make them remembered and acted upon by your stakeholders.
  2. How to plan your communications methods and activities to achieve your project and policy objectives.
  3. How to produce perfect communications products, including impact summaries, blogs, infographics and policy briefs, to communicate your key messages to your stakeholders.

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  • This resource is also available for download in Cross Cutting Component 1 ‘Advocate, Coordinate & Network' of International Medical Corps’ “Mental Health Integration Toolkit”. The Toolkit aims to increase the understanding of integrated mental health programs in humanitarian settings, and provides valuable guidance for better resource allocation and implementation of the steps and components of Mental Health Integration.

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