Global Youth Mental Health Survey

Global Youth Mental Health Survey


Generation Mental Health has developed a survey to learn further about how young people (aged 15-35) are making decisions in mental health advocacy. This survey aims to connect with current and aspiring advocates to understand their needs, gaps, and challenges. The survey report will be made publicly available so that organizations working on youth mental health around the world can further develop their initiatives.

This survey should take only about 10-15 minutes to complete. It covers topics like demographics, what resources you use to engage in advocacy, and how you connect (or would like to connect) with other mental health advocates.

No identifiable data will be collected unless you choose to provide your email address to participate in the next phase of this project. Your answers will remain anonymous.

Survey responses will also serve to inform future GenMH programs such as the Youth Mental Health Collective (being developed in collaboration with the MHPSS Collaborative), which aims to connect and empower youth interested in mental health to collaborate and lead mental health policy change, research, and innovation in their communities and beyond.

The survey is available in four language:


Empowerment and service user involvement
Human rights
Policy and legislation
Prevention and promotion
Training, education and capacity building
All mental health conditions
Children and adolescents