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Groupwork with Refugees and Survivors of  Human Rights Abuses is an open-access book edited by practitioners who value the therapeutic impact of coming together with others. The book describes, explores and promotes the power of  groupwork for refugees and survivors of  human rights abuses in a range of  contexts, including torture rehabilitation services, refugee camps, and reception centres. The voices of  participants demonstrate the variety, creativity and value of  group and community approaches for recovery. The editors have gathered chapters into three sections  covering:  community-based  approaches;  groups  that  work  through  the  medium  of   “body and soul”; and group approaches that focus on change through the spoken word.

The book aims to provide a forum for survivors and practitioners working internationally to share their practice and learning. Some chapters present groupwork implemented in contexts where individual approaches predominate. Others highlight group approaches happening in places where groups are already the mainstream response. Both involve a move to collectivist values that are more common in countries where the majority of  refugees and survivors both come from and are rebuilding their lives.Groupwork places social reconnection at the heart of  recovery, and opens the door to peer support  and  building  community  resources  and  resilience.  These  overcome  the  isolation  and  shame  that  human  rights  abuses  intentionally  cause  and  are  also  a  more  effective  means  of   reaching and responding to the large numbers of  survivors struggling across the world. Where persecution seeks to disempower, silence and isolate, group and community work bring together and connect survivor voices. This is more than a shift from individual work to helping individuals in a group context, and moves into supporting communities as a whole.

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The book was recently reviewed in the Intervention journal - you can read the review here: https://interventionjournal.org/article.asp?issn=1571-8883;year=2023;volume=21;issue=1;spage=84;epage=85;aulast=Tankink


    • https://www.routledge.com/Groupwork-with-Refugees-and-Survivors-of-Human-Rights-Abuses-The-Power/Boyles-Ewart-Biggs-Horn-Lamb/p/book/9781032043883

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