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Screening/diagnostic tools
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SourceHealthNet TPO 
Language: English, Nepali
Published: 2014

The Community Informant Detection Tool (CIDT) is a procedure of pro-active case-finding of people with suspected mental health problems, which subsequently promotes help seeking. The CIDT consists of contextualized vignettes and associated pictures to facilitate recognition by lay people. The rationale behind the strategy is that briefly trained community members that are intimately familiar with the community, are especially well-placed and capable to identify people in need of care. Research into the accuracy of the CIDT confirms this.

Detection and diagnosis
All disorders
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  • This resource is also available for download in Step 3 'Strengthen Mental Health Services & Systems' of International Medical Corps’ “Mental Health Integration Toolkit”. The Toolkit aims to increase the understanding of integrated mental health programs in humanitarian settings, and provides valuable guidance for better resource allocation and implementation of the steps and components of Mental Health Integration.

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